Proactive Breast Wellness Chapter Plan

This comprehensive breast wellness program is an Educational Tool that teaches you how to Prevent Breast Cancer and help Decrease Breast Cancer Reoccurrence.

The Proactive Breast Wellness program is four hours and fifty-five minutes of narrative, broken down into nine easy to follow chapters.  PBW is available as an eBook, Audio Book, digital download or in a 6 CD boxed set.  It also includes a free data disc/resource download with over 1,000 pages of research information to supplement the 9 chapters. “Waves of Serenity”  has been included as a 45 minute relaxation CD/DVD or Digital Download to reduce stress, decrease pain/insomnia and improve cortisol levels.

Detailed Contents


  1. Anti-estrogen diet
  2. Supplements
  3. Acid / Alkaline diet
  4. The Power of Progesterone
  5. Hormone balancing
    1. Bio-identical hormones
      1. Estradiol
      2. Estriol
      3. Testosterone
    2. Laboratory hormone testing
  6. Environmental toxins
    1. Herbicides/pesticides
    2. Parabens
    3. Petrochemicals
  7. Breast care
    1. Lymphatic drainage massage
    2. Dry brushing
    3. Brassieres
    4. Antiperspirants
  8. Diagnostic imaging and other testing
    1. Infrared
    2. Mammograms: Conventional and Digital
    3. Ultrasound
    4. MRI
  9. Cryoablation: The Future of Breast Cancer Treatment
  10. Putting it all together and getting started + Worksheets
  11. Using the data disc and the relaxation disc

The PBW 6-Disc CD/DVD  boxed set is a $69.00 value.
Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer for only $25.00.

PBW eBook and soft cover book now available!