What the Medical Experts Say

Breast Health Experts Have Vetted Our Program

Learn what the Medical Experts say about our comprehensive breast wellness program, after they reviewed Proactive Breast Wellness TM .

The interviews were graciously done  by Robin Klemm, Ph.D. ,  one of our consultants. She has previously been on the faculty of the Wharton Business School and has been the executive director of an economic think tank at the University of Pennsylvania. Robin has also been the past Director of Oregon State University’s Austin Family Business Program. Prior to that, she spent 12 years as the CEO and co-founder of Optimus Consulting, a family-owned business that specialized in business economics and strategy.

Dr. Max Chorowski,  MD, FACOG

Assistant Clinical Professor of OB-GYN and Psychiatry
Tufts University School of Medicine
Medical Director, Counseling & Gynecology Group

Who would find the Proactive Breast Wellness  program useful?
Every woman will find this useful.
Many patients are passive and wait for the doctor to tell them what to do.
This program is for the motivated woman who wants to achieve mastery of her health.
This program is for any woman who feels overwhelmed by too much information from many different sources.
I will give this program to my three daughters.

How important is this program?
With this program, there is a modest amount of work to protect breast health and it will pay off.
We have no guides for breast health—only a confusing maze of bits and pieces of information.
This program is the road to sanity and health.

Is the information available elsewhere?
No, not really.

Is Ingrid  Edstrom qualified to provide this program?
Yes.  She is a nurse practitioner for women.  She has over 35 years of experience.  She also ran a stress reduction program.  She understands the total integration of women’s health issues.  (He also said you were amazing, hard-working, dedicated, smart  and a pleasure to know.)

Would you recommend this program to anyone?
I will be sending this program to my own three daughters.  This program is for any patient motivated to seek better health.  It is designed for the active patient; not the passive patient.

How does this program compare to available breast health information?
This is a complete program.  It is comprehensive.  It is in one place.  It allows a woman to say “I am going to be healthier for myself and for my loved ones”.  The cancer society’s admonition to get regular mammograms encourages an ever-increasing number of women to discover that they have cancer.  The Proactive Breast Wellness Program encourages women to focus on health and prevention.

What qualifies you as an authority in this matter?
I am a physician of over 30 years and have been double board certified in both OB-GYN and Psychiatry.
I am the Medical Director of Counseling & Gynecology Group in Longmeadow Massachusetts where we provide Holistic / Integrative Medical Care. I hold a position as Assistant Clinical Professor on the faculty of both Psychiatry and OB-GYN at Tufts University School of Medicine and The Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, MA.

James E. Paoletti, Pharmacist, FAAFM, FIACP, FACA

  • Clinical Consultant and Educator in private practice
  • Previous Director of Provider Education at ZRT Laboratory
  • Vice President/Director of Continuing Education for
    Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc. (PCCA)
  • Board of Directors at the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

Who would find the Proactive Breast Wellness  program useful?

How important is this program?
Very important.  Women are confused.  They are not told the truth.  There is much confusing information on safe estrogen metabolism.  Women are misled on how to properly protect themselves from breast disease.

Is the information available elsewhere?
The information is not available from a concise, single entity.  The Proactive Breast Wellness program does a comprehensive job of directing women to healthful choices.  It talks all about products and alternatives and provides a good selection of healthy products.  The Proactive Breast Wellness program helps women find answers.
This is a comprehensive Program—it answers many questions and it doesn’t leave holes.
This program is definitely the most comprehensive program available to improve a woman’s health.

Will the Proactive Breast Wellness  program make a difference?
This program will absolutely make a difference—there are so many ideas on how to maintain and improve your health.  In fact, it will bring health to the entire family.

Is Ingrid qualified to provide this program?
Ingrid has spent an incredible amount of time to sort through the available studies on women’s breast health and a professional commitment to identify most of the evidence-based research in the field.

Would you recommend this program to anyone?
Yes.  Both practitioners and pharmacists need this comprehensive guide.
Each professional group will benefit from Ingrid’s comprehensive research and organization of the existing data on women’s breast health.  It gives these professionals more to say than “Don’t smoke, and have regular mammograms”.
All women and the families that love them, will benefit from this comprehensive program.

How does this program compare to available breast health information?
There is nothing like the Proactive Breast Wellness program available for patients and professionals currently.

What qualifies you as an authority in this matter?
I am an educational expert who trains practitioners in hormone therapy nationally and internationally.  I have 27 years of experience with bio-identical hormones as a Compounding Pharmacist.  I put on educational programs around the country and at CME approved conferences for pharmacists and medical providers.

When the Proactive Breast Wellness program is available, I would like to see this program available nationally to all the compounding pharmacists and information regarding the program into the International Journal of Compounding Pharmacists.

Dr. Dennis R. Holmes, M.D., F.A.C.S

Breast Surgeon and Researcher
Cryoablation Expert and Advocate

“Protect Your Breasts presents a comprehensive overview of breast healthcare, including a Proactive Breast Wellness program that outlines multiple strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.  The book also provides an excellent discussion of cryoablation or tumor freezing as a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of breast cancer.  Furthermore, “The Early Freeze Protocol” proposes a novel strategy for facilitating the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer while also reducing the physical and emotional burden that typically accompanies diagnosis and treatment.  In the context of Patient Centered Care, Protect Your Breasts is a worthy read”!

Carol Peterson, RPh, CNP
Women’s International Pharmacy

Carol Peterson is a registered pharmacist and certified nurse practitioner with Women’s International Pharmacy. The following are excerpts from a review Petersen conducted on the Proactive Breast Wellness Program:

Thankfully, a comprehensive compilation of what we currently know about keeping our breasts free from disease, including breast cancer, is available as an engaging multimedia presentation offered by Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed., CTT. The Proactive Breast Wellness Program is her magnus opus and a labor of love.

Edstrom includes information about the various effects that hormones have on the breasts, the type of diet and foods that can be used to improve breast health, and the environmental issues affecting the breast. She even includes a meditation so that listeners can help reduce high cortisol, making us aware of the emotional and spiritual aspects of dealing with our breasts and our bodies.

As the incidence of breast cancer has steadily risen, we probably all know someone who has been affected. Ingrid Edstrom’s Proactive Breast Wellness Program is information that every one of us can use and benefit from, whether we are worried about breast cancer, are undergoing breast cancer treatment, or need to know how to prevent a reoccurrence.

If Ingrid Edstrom can be successful in her proactive approach to breast health, then the pink ribbon campaigns will become history. Let’s change the campaign from “breast cancer awareness” to “breast health awareness.” We encourage you to take advantage of Ingrid’s gift to us!

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