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Watch the Cryoablation and Thermography~ The Perfect Marriage Video

Ingrid Edstrom FNP, M. E.d was invited to be a presenter for an international breast summit in Canada in November 2020.

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Ingrid's TED TALK application video about "Freezing and Curing Breast Cancer"

Early Freeze Protocol

This video, created by Laura Ross-Paul and Ingrid Edstrom FNP, M.Ed. and presented to the Fuda Hospital International Cancer Forum on July 2, 2016, documents the benefits of Cryoablation along with Ross-Paul’s own experience in treating her breast cancer in 2003 with cryotherapy as the first patient pioneer. Ingrid’s infrared thermography slides show metabolic activity of a patient seen before and after cryoablation in 2010.

Ice Cure Pro Sense

Innovative medical device for treatment of cancerous tumors using cryoablation (freezing temperature). It was initially introduced for treatment of early-stage breast cancer.

Cryotherapy Procedure for Fibroadenomas

IceSense3 cryoablation procedure for treatment of (benign) breast fibroadenoma is shown in this video from beginning to end.

Cryotherapy Before and After Imagery

As a guest lecturer for ZRT Labs’ webinar in May 2016, Ingrid Edstrom spoke on her research regarding environmental estrogens / xenostrogen exposure, how it increases your breast cancer risk or risk of reoccurrence, and what you can do to limit that risk through her Proactive Breast Wellness Program.

Ingrid’s also introduced “Breast Cryoablation: the new future in breast cancer treatment without surgery.” She presented her Infrared slides of a woman she saw pre and post-cryoablation. 

Ingrid Edstrom "Race for the Cure" Presentation (PDF)

Ingrid’s slides from a workshop given at Lane Community College October 25, 2018.

Dr. Dennis Holmes Lectures at Legacy Health Breast Conference in Portland, OR.

Dr. Holmes presents a lecture on cryoablation of breast cancer at the 13th Annual Pacific Northwest Excellence in Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Care Conference, Nov 17, 2017, sponsored by Legacy Cancer Institute, Portland, Oregon.

Dr Dennis Holmes "Cryoablation and the FROST Clinical Trial"

“Dr. Holmes discusses the concept of cryoablation (tumor freezing) of breast cancer and the FROST Trial, a clinical trial evaluating the use of cryoablation in the management of early stage invasive breast cancer.”      7:52 minutes

(Other videos by Dr Dennis Holmes MD located at    for MDs)