Test Your Hormones

We congratulate you in taking the first step to empower yourself in taking charge of your health with accurate and easy laboratory hormone testing. If you have no insurance, a high deductible or wish to have a report just go to your home, consider hormone testing. These comprehensive and accurate test kits are priced to be less than what you may need to pay at your local lab for the same number of tests. With Saliva and Blood Spot Kits you have the convenience of doing the tests at home on your schedule without traveling to the lab. You will receive the results by mail so you may obtain answers to your bioidentical hormone balancing questions and to be able to share the results with your health care practitioner.

Buy Hormone Test Kits at ZRT Laboratories: https://www.zrtlab.com/test-specialties/hormone-balance/  or from DUTCH Labs (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones): https://dutchtest.com

Have you been wondering what your health status is?

  • Are you peri menopausal and experiencing a multitude of new symptoms like hot flashes, a change in menstrual cycles, decreased libido, pounds that don’t shed as easily as they used to?
  • Do you have more fatigue, mood swings, and decreased energy?
  • Are you concerned about your breast, ovarian or uterine health?
  • Did your doctor tell you your cholesterol or insulin levels were too high or your Vitamin D3 level was too low?
  • Do you wish to monitor your health a bit more closely instead of just annually?
  • Have you started a personal health improvement regimen and you want to see if you are making progress with your diet, exercise or supplements?