Cryoablation Medical Articles

The following series of articles contain useful and valuable information pertaining to the nascent field of cryotherapy. Primarily intended for medical professionals, the language and terminology may be a bit hard to follow, but if you are interested in what the scientific community has to offer on this upcoming technology, they are well worth reading.

This article shows 100% effective for treating early stage breast cancer.

Z1072 study single arm with a 19 multi-center study done by NCI (National Cancer Institute)

  • 100% effective for tumors less than 1cm
  • 92%  effective for tumors > than 1cm
  • There was some erroneous probe placement so that why we are 92% we actually have 100% ablation in the ablation zone.
  • Lumpectomy effectiveness is only 60-80% in the literature, so cryoablation surpasses this with its cytokine “Immune effect” in lymph nodes and satellite lesions.

This article aims to assess freezing protocols, imaging, and clinical outcomes of percutaneous ultrasonographically-guided cryotherapy for fibroadenomas.

Key findings include cryotherapy of fibroadenomas to be safe, effective, and virtually painless treatment option with a good cosmetic outcome.