Meeting Laura Ross-Paul and Considering the Perfect Marriage of Thermography and Cryoablation

In April 2016, I was finally privileged to meet Laura Ross-Paul after I had begun to delve into the cryoablation literature after doing an infrared scan of Mary in 2010. I then found Laura’s website and after read her book, They’re Mine and I’m Keeping Them. In fact, she had become so excited about what I was doing using my infrared camera and the Proactive Breast Wellness program that she wanted to experience what I had to offer first-hand. She felt that what I was doing was so important in the realm of breast health and breast cancer prevention that she brought the whole Ross-Paul Clan down for a clinical day of thermography. She invited her two sisters, her daughter, and her niece from Portland, a two-hour drive for infrared exams for all of them. I also went over the Proactive Breast Wellness program with all of her relatives.

After this meeting, Laura and I began to spend a lot of time networking and brain storming on the phone and through emails to see how we might be able to bring cryoablation to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. She also introduced me to Dr. Peter Littrup, so I began to have these discussions with him as well and gain his insights. Alex Paul, Laura’s husband and co-author of their book, also provided some historical perspective and practical suggestions on how to move cryoablation forward.