Are Antibiotics Making People Larger?

Source: The Atlantic

Overuse of these antibiotic drugs seems to make us gain weight—even when we don’t take them.

But if people really recognize that the obesity epidemic is associated with repeated exposure to antibiotics, I think demand for antibiotic-free food will become even greater.

Thin people have different microbes in their gut than overweight people. Eating conventional meat and dairy that has antibiotics given to the animals will kill off the “Good organisms” which makes it difficult to loose weight plus damages your immune system. This is why I added Flora 50-14 into my Proactive Breast Wellness protocol. Currently 1/3 of U.S. adults are clinically obese and 65% of 8th grade children are as well. Change what you are feeding your family !  Also avoid asking for an antibiotic when you are ill. If you or your kids have a virus, antibiotics will not be effective anyway !