Originally posted on Facebook by Laura Ross-Paul

Took a road trip to Eugene with my two sisters and our daughters to visit Ingrid Edstrom at her Proactive Breast Wellness office where we all had our breasts imaged through Thermography.

With her infrared camera she can catch breast problems, or “hotspots”, well before a mammogram. (She tells me six years before!). She can see the effects of getting too many pesticides in your food which tends to make the imaging warmer. Her motto is “Prevention is the Cure” and has a wealth of information about turning breast health around through vitamin and herb supplementation. We were all super impressed and thankful we had it done. Ingrid has a very informative site which you can reach at where you can glean info and/or by her four cd boxed set of breast wellness info. You can also find out about infrared imaging at or call her office at 541-302-2977.
Happy Breast Health!!