Learn what YOU can DO to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer or its Reoccurrence!

Learn how to "freeze" and cure your cancer with cryoablation

We feel that knowledge is power and “prevention is the Cure.” Your environment may have a greater impact, perhaps as much as 91% to 93% on a woman’s future health risk than the issue of her family history.

This comprehensive program empowers you with practical suggestions to help you embrace an anti-estrogenic diet and lifestyle management program to lessen your risk of developing breast cancer and empower breast cancer survivors. Learn about supplements, hormone testing and balancing, dietary and environmental changes. Identify environmental toxins, plastics and the dangers of GM0s, bovine growth hormones and antibiotics in your food supply. Learn self-care techniques, lymph-drainage massage, exercise and mind-body relaxation technique components. PBW is heart healthy, women lose stubborn belly fat, their libido improves and menopausal/thyroid symptoms decrease. The PBW Nutritional Supplement Protocols and Worksheets are easy to follow so you can protect your breasts.