Introduction to the PBW Breast Cancer Prevention and Breast Health Program

What thoughts go through your mind when you wait for your mammogram results?

Crossing your fingers won’t keep you from being one of the increasing number of breast cancer statistics….. It’s time to stop playing the waiting game with breast cancer.

Every day more and more women get the heart-wrenching breast cancer diagnosis.  But that doesn’t have to be you….or a loved one.

When it comes to breast cancer, being passive makes you a target.

It’s time to change the odds. We feel that knowledge is power and “Prevention is the Cure.”

Welcome to the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program!  Congratulations on taking the first step to improve and protect your breast health. My name is Ingrid Edstrom, and I will be your guide and narrator for the downloads and audio CDs of this educational program that I have developed over the last seven years.  I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with an additional Master’s in Health Education.

Hundreds of my patients have seen breast health improvement by using aspects of this protocol and making lifestyle changes. I have brought this program all together so that you too can benefit !!….. I welcome you to accompany me on this journey towards health !

YOU now have HOPE…..  You can “DO SOMETHING” to limit your risk of developing breast cancer !  Empower yourself and learn how to make a difference in your health…….By following these easy instructions in this comprehensive educational program, you will also protect the health of your whole family…… ……… women, we all know how important this is to take care of the people that we love and nurture.

Every woman is concerned about breast cancer but it does not affect just women, it affects families.  Our mothers, our partners, our sons and daughters, our sisters, aunts and grandmothers…. Just think about the people you know who have been touched by this medical crisis…. However, some of the research suggests that your environment—what you eat, how you live, the chemicals and radiation received from natural surroundings of your environment—may have greater impact, perhaps as much as 90% or more on a woman’s future health than the issue of being  burdened with bad genetics.

The Proactive Breast WellnessTM  program helps you achieve a balance in your hormones, and identifies dietary, lifestyle, and environmental changes that will  improve your health. It also includes a protocol of dietary supplements that reduces breast inflammation in six to twelve months, as well as reducing excess estrogen.  Many of these recommendations will also enhance other aspects of general well being, such as reducing peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, loosing that stubborn belly fat, fibrocystic breast issues, bone health, immune system support, improving thyroid function and sex drive.

The Proactive Breast WellnessTM program contains four hours and fifty five minutes of narrative and a Free Data disc or download with research information to go with the 9 chapters. You may purchase the whole program as a download or a 6 CD set for yourself or as a gift of health for someone else. You can print out research articles, lists of supplements and other materials from the Data Disc or Resource Downloads to take shopping to make changes easier for you, .. when you purchase the program. . Learn more about the contents of the program and what the medical experts say about PBW. (Note to  Todd – Direct this link to the Editor’s comment and Chapter list. CLICK HERE button)

I have included my “Waves of Serenity” relaxation CD / DVD or download, to reduce stress or insomnia and improve cortisol levels. …You can enjoy your own mini vacation by imagining yourself wiggling your toes in the sand by listening and viewing a sample excerpt of “Waves” Listen and Relax Now — (CLICK Button)

In addition to the Proactive Breast Wellness program, we are providing extra services for YOU, by including hormone test kits and essential supplements for improving your health. PBW has created ten custom saliva and blood spot hormone testing kits, that are so convenient since you can do the testing at home on your schedule. You can monitor your own progress as well as share the lab test results with your medical provider. Learn more about hormone testing and symptoms that may be bothering you by clicking here.(Note to Todd – CLICK here button goes to Hormone section)

When you purchase the Proactive Breast Wellness program we will also give you a code to enable you to get 20% off ALL your supplements through our virtual dispensary.

With all the information out there, have you ever wondered “Am I getting enough” or taking the “Right quality supplements ???” Our program has taken the guesswork out of addressing your breast health concerns. We are currently working to provide three of our own customized supplement lines for you. Check the box in the nutritional section to be kept posted and to receive news of our new  Products !!!. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter to keep you updated on the latest research that will impact your health.

SO ENOUGH!!  ENOUGH!!! Let’s stop breast cancer in its tracks!

The more women who are educated about prevention, the more lives WE can save . Get together with friends and family to support this critical challenge to stop breast cancer and its devastating consequences….AND … protect your family!

I thank you for spending time exploring our PBW program.

Before you leave our site, I strongly recommend that you take a few moments and view the Before and After images of women who have been successful improving their breast health after being on the PBW program. (CLICK HERE goes to before and after images) Also view the effects of Herbicides and Pesticides on breast tissue  to see how the environment is impacting our health. Remember that over 90% of your risk of developing breast cancer has roots in your environment and lifestyle choices.(CLICK HERE goes to the powerpoint presentation)

Don’t be a target – There is a “Take Action” section for you and your family to help protect yourself and your community. Learn more and get involved in decreasing your exposure to herbicides, pesticides, plastics and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Foods). Learn what you can do to provide healthier food for you and your family. We have listed other sister organizations and foundations who are educating and protecting our families globally. Feel free to contact them and help protect your community.…

Please… Send this on to your Facebook friends and pass this on to a loved one. The Proactive Breast Wellness program wants you to Remember “Prevention is the Cure” !