Proactive Breast Wellness Audio Program – 6-Disc Set with “Waves” as CD


(A $65 Value)


Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer, or Its Reoccurrence

Included in the Proactive Breast Wellness 6-Disc Set with Waves CD are:

  • Four hours and fifty-five minutes of narrative on 4 discs about supplements, hormone balancing, dietary and environmental changes, self-care techniques, lymph-drainage massage, exercise and mind-body relaxation technique components
  • Practical suggestions for lifestyle changes for women who want to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer or its reoccurrence. A valuable educational tool for breast cancer prevention.
  • UPDATED Chapter 9 on Cryoablation will be sent to you by email
  • Nutritional Supplement Protocols

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  • Over 1,000 pages of medical information on a CD and an updated Download
  • “Waves of Serenity” – relaxation/guided imagery (45 minutes as a digital audio download). You will also get a CD of “Waves” in your box.