Reviews From Protect Your Breasts Readers

Dr. Dennis R. Holmes, M.D., F.A.C.S

Breast Surgeon and Researcher, Cryoablation Expert and Advocate

“Protect Your Breasts presents a comprehensive overview of breast healthcare, including a Proactive Breast Wellness program that outlines multiple strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.  The book also provides an excellent discussion of cryoablation or tumor freezing as a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of breast cancer. Furthermore, “The Early Freeze Protocol” proposes a novel strategy for facilitating the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer while also reducing the physical and emotional burden that typically accompanies diagnosis and treatment.  In the context of Patient Centered Care, Protect Your Breasts is a worthy read”!

Breast Cancer Cryoablation Disclosed!

This book offers a wealth of information, as does Ingrid herself if you have the opportunity to use her services at Infrared Breast Health, LLC. I especially appreciate her knowledge of and recommendation for breast cancer cryoablation, a procedure I never knew existed for breast cancer. I chose this option for myself in lieu of surgery and was amazed by the procedure.

The issue of insurance coverage is discussed. If men can have their prostate cancers frozen with liquid nitrogen and the insurance companies pay for this accepted standard of care, then women should be able to have their breast cancers frozen and save their breasts. More women should be insisting that this procedure be made available to them.

Read Ingrid’s book and learn for yourself about this impressive option for treatment of many breast cancers. Thank you, Ingrid!

–Jan Jaskilka, Breast Cancer Thriver

THE guide

This book is THE guide for improving breast health. All my questions and points of confusion have been answered and I have greatly improved my breast health as well as reduced my risk factors for developing breast cancer

–Rosa Jimenez, Professor at Lane Community College

Following the information in this book will change your life

I have been seeing Ingrid for 9-10 years and have been following her Breast-Wellness protocol. She not only helped me with my breast inflammation but also with my thyroid, cholesterol levels and improved my thermography scan. I will be 75 and have much more energy now than when I was 62 .

Following the information in this book will change your life.

–Rose C., Retired Nurse

I am extremely impressed with all the information

I am extremely impressed with all the information I have been given by Ingrid, both with the book and in person. I am 2 yrs post breast cancer. I have been given many helpful tools to help decrease the chances of the cancer returning by Ms. Edstrom. Ingrid has put her heart and soul into this book, I feel blessed to have met Ingrid and have thermography. The Protect Your Breasts book is full of information to decrease your chances of getting cancer in the first place, as well as preventing cancer from returning. I really appreciate Ingrid Edstrom.

–Michele Fountain, Breast Cancer Thriver

I can’t recommend this book highly enough

There is a lot of information out there, and Ingrid Edstrom distills and clarifies the latest science into a simple, understandable, and -most importantly- DOABLE format. If you are fortunate enough to live in Oregon and can schedule an office visit, I encourage you to do so!

–L. Buck

Very valuable information for women

This book contains state-of-the-art information and education to avoid breast cancer.

Every woman should have it in their medical library.

–Janet Meyers

Easy to understand

Ingrid’s well-written comprehensive book is a must for every woman who wants to know the menu of options available for breast health and breast cancer prevention, treatment and recovery. I find it dense yet easy to understand, and it seems to merge the best of both allopathic and complementary modalities. I highly recommend this book by a fierce advocate of choice in least invasive breast-health treatments!

–Kira S.

Incredibly informative book and testing support from Ingrid Edstrom

Last winter I found a lump in my breast and went into shock as to what it was about. A friend referred me to Ingrid Edstrom for help. She is the kindest, dearest most understanding informative person I have ever met in the medical field. Because I was particularly vulnerable due to previous medical issues it was only by the understanding of Ingrid that I was comfortably tested and supported in the many steps that followed my initial visit with her. She is a wise compassionate being with grace and humor most appreciated. Her book, her audio CDs, Waves of Serenity, are extremely helpful and informative also her gift of a guiding voice in the CD’s puts one immediately at ease. I would and do refer her services, her wondrous book and CD tools she has masterfully created to anyone seeking support, help, encouragement and enlightenment with breast health. Thank you Ingrid for your service to us all!

–Christine Anderson

 Comprehensive Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

After many years of hearing about Thermography, I decided to have the procedure. It is far easier and more comfortable than mammography and yields information many years before things can be seen on other testing modalities. Ingrid is thorough in her explanations of historic breast care, how diet and lifestyle affect breast health and treatment options that are becoming more and more accessible. Knowledge is power, and this book provides such a complete overview of testing, preventive protocols and upcoming newer and more effective and less invasive therapies. I left her office feeling much less fearful and empowered with a wonderful arsenal of self care information. This book is a summary of what Ingrid shares in her consultations. She is a pioneer and forerunner in this competitive and economically driven area of health care. Her goal is to provide us with tools to prevent or better treat any breast abnormality.

–Legend Lin