Ordering Instructions for the Wellevate Dispensary

The sign-up and ordering through the new Wellevate platform is greatly simplified and easier to use. To purchase any of the supplements seen on this Protect Your Breasts website, do the following:

Buy Now

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button on my website to be taken to the Wellevate portal.
  2. If you already have an account, you may log in with your email address and
  3. If you DO NOT have an account, you may easily register by entering some basic details:
    1. Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Address
    4. Password
  4. Once logged in, you will be able to click on the blue ‘shop dispensary’ You will be presented with a list of Ingrid Edstrom’s “Favorites,” which contain the same supplements found on her website where you can view the front and the back of the bottles to compare with products you may be taking. The” Favorites” are the products Ingrid has chosen for the Proactive Breast Wellness Protocol as a guide to make shopping easier.
  5. These are My Favorites with MY CORRECT DOSAGE suggestions from the protocol. The bottles are also listed on my Virtual Dispensary at www.ProtectYourBreasts.com  in easy to find categories which unfortunately Wellevate is a jumble of products, so make as many choices on the Protect Your Breasts Virtual Dispensary first to avoid confusion.
  6. If you are on the Wellevate site my products have a “Blue Favorite” tab. If you have scrolled down the Wellevate page and the blue “ Favorite “ tabs disappear, those products are NOT on my protocol and I cannot recommend them. Wellevate has thousands of products that you can look through.
  7. If you cannot find something on my virtual dispensary or your provider has you on a product but you hoped to find the same high quality supplement but at my 20 % discount, then you can shop in the general Wellevate/ Emerson products by using the search bar at the top of the Wellevate page.

    Physicians shop at Wellevate/ Emerson and then mark them up. You will save money shopping through my site so you can improve your health. Your friends and family can also use this site and make 20% off. Women who purchase my book/ EBook also have access to these supplements and my protocols.

  8. After purchasing in the General Wellevate products, to get back to Ingrid’s Favorites use the “Back Button” at the top of your internet search bar.
  9. Select your desired supplements
  10. Purchase!

Note: If you have any issues with registration, please call Wellevate at (855) 935-5382. Please do not call/ contact the Protect Your Breasts office as they have no control over the account information maintained at Wellevate. You may also place your order via phone at this Wellevate number but remind them you are supposed to get the 20% off when you come from my website or purchased my book, if you do not wish to order online.