Relaxation and Breast Wellness: How Does Relaxation or Meditation Help?

One of the aspects of the Proactive Breast Wellness program that we are offering to help women protect their breasts is called “Waves of Serenity.”

This progressive muscle relaxation and guided beach imagery narration. “Waves” also includes ocean sounds with gentle harp music in the background for the narrative. It includes instruction on how to practice these techniques for people who have not tried these techniques before. “Waves of Serenity” is 45 minutes long and is available as a CD, DVD or digital download. You can even listen and watch a segment of the program by clicking here to visit our YouTube video.

You may be wondering what relaxation has to do with breast health, right? Well the fact is that our minds and our bodies work together to establish and maintain our mental and physical health. It really is all connected. If we have a running internal dialogue that we aren’t worthy, that we’re sick, or that we’re getting sick, we will feel as if we aren’t worthy, that we’re sick, or that we’re getting sick! Relaxation and guided visualization can help clear your mind and help you cope with your daily challenges, as well as any overwhelming feelings you may be experiencing as you work to increase your health.

When we’re stressed, we tend to take shallow, quick breaths. Shallow breathing does not allow enough oxygen to enter our bodies, which can make us even more anxious and doesn’t support the body’s attempts to heal itself. You can help yourself by simply remembering to breathe deeply throughout the day, particularly when you are feeling tense or stressed. To work more deeply with breathing and relaxation, see our website where you can order the “Waves of Serenity” program.

You can use “Waves” for general stress, if you have high cortisol levels or have insomnia. These techniques will be helpful if you will be facing surgery and want to be as relaxed as possible to support your healing process. It makes a wonderful gift of health for a loved one. Children and teens have enjoyed “Waves“ to help them relax and get to sleep easier. Teaching children how to “chill out naturally” and decrease their own stress and manage their challenges is very helpful indeed. Here’s what one of our customers has said about the Waves of Serenity program available in the Proactive Breast Wellness store:

“I tried your Waves of Serenity CD for the first time this morning and it was Great ! Just left a little graffiti in the sand…. ‘I was there.’ Of course, it washed away, so I will have to revisit the beach tomorrow. It was truly relaxing and I felt much calmer afterwards.” -Veronica T