EMFs put your kids’ health at risk

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Can’t attend? Read below about research findings exposed in a new book on this topic, and read an excerpt from a recent Moms Across America Blog post on the risks of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and looming 5G.

Thank you to our sister organization Moms Across America for raising awareness about this event and important topic. Our Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, highlights EMFs as a risk factor for breast cancer in her book Protect Your Breasts and has been publicly outspoken about the increased cancer risk that 5G would pose. With their developing brains, kids are particularly at risk for a variety of neurological problems.   

Excerpted from Moms Across America . . .

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“Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been shown to cause changes in both the sympathetic nervous system as well as the parasympathetic nervous system.

In addition, EMFs have been shown to open the blood-brain-barrier, allowing pathogenic infections to invade the brain, which can lead to PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome).

If you or your child has any of the following symptoms, you’ll want to sign up for this webinar:

Problems with focus and attention

Memory problems

Vision issues

Inability to sleep well

Constant headache



Chronic fatigue

Unexplained heart palpitations

Learn how EMFs can contribute to these symptoms.

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Epidemic Answers just released a new book Brain Under Attack, warning about the research on and implications of EMFs for children.  “Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cordless house phones, fluorescent lights, cell phones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi systems, smart meters, and large electric devices such as refrigerators may be negatively affecting our health.”

“Peer-reviewed medical research journal articles have documented the fact that EMFs can open the blood-brain barrier, thus allowing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses to enter the brain freely.”

“In fact, researchers intentionally use ultrasound devices to open the blood-brain barrier in patients with brain cancer and central-nervous-system diseases so that large therapeutic molecules can enter the brain.”

The following is Excerpted from a POST BY ZEN HONEYCUTT ON AUGUST 26, 2019 on the Moms Across America Blog:


“In 2017, Moms Across America posted a lengthy article by Camilla Rees, Senior Policy Advisor, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy and Founder, ElectromagneticHealth.org and ManhattanNeighbors.org. entitled “The Wireless Elephant in the Room.” In it she urged us to wake up before the tipping point:

‘The day will arrive when the profound injury to our lives and future generations from wireless technologies will be known, including not just the biological and health effects, and links to disease, but the psychological effects, like poorly developed self-worth, and other effects, such as compulsive behaviors, addiction, and isolation. We are being conditioned like rats on a treadmill, increasingly addicted to technology and unable to stop taking the drug. Many children have never known the quality of life possible un-tethered to the non-stop universe. They don’t know peace, or the sense of safety and inner guidance possible in complete stillness, when one is deeply connected to the natural world, or in the community, and not connected to man-made electronics.””

That day, that tipping point, may well be upon us. You have, no doubt, heard the term “5G.” It refers to the fifth-generation cellular wireless. The wireless industry was forced to admit during a US Senate hearing in February 2019, that they have no safety studies on 5G – with no plans to do any. However, there are thousands of independent studies that clearly state that wireless radiation causes biological harm.”


“But let’s step back further. In August of 2010, years before Moms Across America was founded, Dr. Mercola wrote an article about a book published by Dr. Samuel Milham entitled, How Dirty Electricity Causes Diseases.  In this article Dr. Mercola quotes Electromagnetic Health.org saying that: ‘Analyzing death records from electrified rural areas and non-electrified rural areas in the early part of the 1900s, Milham has shown higher incidence of ‘diseases of civilization,’ such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide, were in fact strongly correlated with electrification.’”


“Clearly, the documentation exists – the threat of electromagnetic radiation has been with us since the invention of electricity – and we have known about it for nearly 100 years. Regardless, the wireless industry, in partnership with our government, has worked to deploy 5G. It has been called a global, for-profit, human experiment that is taking place without our consent.”

”How is this possible? 5G is different from 4G in that millions of “small” cell towers will be added to every block – raising numerous privacy as well as health concerns. Each tower will be emitting radiation at levels known to cause cancer, sterility, DNA damage and other harm… especially to our children, who are most at risk.”


“In an informative interview for the 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. stated that 5G has been ‘pushed through without much thought,’ and that it leaves ‘no part of the planet where anyone can go to escape this.’ He urges us to get involved and use all the tools available to us to educate the public and resist this threat.”