Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer through Nutrition

Perhaps some of the most powerful testimony for the success of the Proactive Breast Wellness program is the section on our site of “Before and After” images. The PBW program offers an easy-to-follow comprehensive plan to improve nutrition, make life style changes, achieve hormone balance, help you identify and avoid environmental toxins that can impact our health. Making these changes will improve the health of your whole family !

In my daily practice I have worked directly with women who have been concerned about their breast health. I was able to take a thermal picture (there’s more about thermal breast imaging or thermography on the website,, of some of my patients both before they began following the PBW program and  after they completed the program. The results are striking.

Breast Health improved through nutrition.Breast health improved by nutrition

The dark blue color in the After image shows that these breasts are cooler, less inflamed, and less tender to the patient.Oregon has the second highest breast cancer rate per capita in the US. It appears that is because Oregon and  Washington had been the testing ground for Agent Orange since the early 1970’s and the states has continued  herbicide and pesticide use for years in the timber and agricultural industries. Check out what the infrared images  show if the woman eats organically versus women who had been toxically exposed to these chemicals.

There are more examples of how this program has changed breast tissue. Please take a look at them. Also, view the “Protect Your Breasts” section on our site, which has more information in PDF form about how herbicides and pesticides affect our breast tissue.

Science has shown that family history may only have a 7% to 9%  impact  on a woman  future risk of developing breast cancer,  while lifestyle and environmental factors account for the remaining approximately 91% to 93%. This means that you can take concrete action to begin protecting your breast health, as these “Before and After” images  have shown. You can even improve your breast health, starting today ! Visit our store to see what resources you can get started with.