Ingrid Edstrom to appear on PBS WBAI Radio

Our own Ingrid Edstrom was interviewed on PBS Radio WBAI out of New York City for their fund raising event.  The broadcast features a two-hour interview to reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer or its reoccurrence by presenting the Proactive Breast Wellness Program to their 250,000 listeners.

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The Proactive Breast Wellness Program

Many of my patients know about the Proactive Breast Wellness program because I’ve been providing it on a one-on-one basis since 2006. Over the intervening years I have shared nutritional information and the results of studies I’ve seen that have helped my patients make better choices. But if you haven’t … Continue Reading →


Welcome to the blog for Proactive Breast Wellness! We’re new at this but we would like anyone who is reading this to know that we are dedicated to informing women about how they can protect their breast health. Whether you’re reading this first blog post right as it is published … Continue Reading →